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As I make my living from my time, there is a 48 hour cancellation policy applied to all inspections scheduled with this company. At the time the inspection is scheduled credit card information will be obtained from you. If the inspection is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time, if you fail to arrive at the inspection as agreed, if access to the structure is not provided or if all the utilities are not in service and the mechanical systems and appliances are not in service and operating your credit card will be charged at the fee quoted by this company.


Payment is due before or at the time of the inspection of the house or prior to the inspection of the house. Inspection reports are created at my office after the inspection of the property. Inspection reports will not be delivered until the inspection fee has been paid do to program. Preferred payment for my services is by cash or check. Credit cards are also accepted as well as most cash apps such as Zelle. The fee increases with the size of the house. If an error is made in citing the size of the house the fee for the inspection will be adjusted on site prior to the inspection beginning. If the additional fee is refused by the client, the fee quoted will be due and payable according to the cancellation policy detailed above and the inspection will not be performed. For an exact quote please contact my office.

My property inspection reports are thorough, clear and concise, with digital photos for added clarity. Reports are delivered the same day, pending unforeseen issues, and are emailed to the client in PDF format for fast, easy delivery, printing and storage.


The fee is dependent on the size of the home, type of foundation, etc.

Quality! I am service oriented on site and spend the time so my clients understand what the homes condition is like now, what major items will be needed in the future, and what maintenance it will take through the years. My Home Inspection Reports are quite specific. For example, if you or your Agent is present I will show the issue and explain as many times as it takes as well as list details on your report. All this takes time, but my clients like this level of service.

Some of my clients use the report as a reference document as they work through the repairs and improvements in their home, and can always call me if they have questions. Additionally, your real estate agent will be in a stronger negotiating position for you—he/she will be able to use my clear explanations of issues in my reports when they negotiate with the sellers.

Beware of the cheap home inspector. You have to ask why is one home inspector cheaper than the other. What is the cheaper inspector not going to do in order to stay in business.

Is he in and out, in and hour and a half?

1. Does he walk the roof of a 2 story home, when the pitch of the roof is walkable and dry?
2. Does he really inspect the attic and roof structure?
3. What do they offer for 3rd party services to narrow the scope and streamline the process

Call David at 832-381-7997 for your custom priced inspection fee. "I answer my phone"

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